Project Development

A vision takes shape

How are visions transformed into successful projects? We provide support and accompany you through the process from the outset. We evaluate different scenarios, identify opportunities and define the best way to get your ideas on track. By supplying the necessary impetus we help you to transform a conceptual vision into a concrete project.

We thrive on challenges and complex assignments and are keen to assist you throughout the entire process of site and project development. If preferred we can provide our expertise on specific aspects of your endavour.

  • Site Investigations and Master Plans Open or Close

    What is the potential of your building site? We clarify needs and synthesize essential conditions affecting future construction development. Based on these, we prepare end-to-end utilization concepts, location and development analyses, profitability calculations and feasibility studies. The results are incorporated into a customized masterplan specific to your site, thereby creating a road map for a sustainable and cost-effective development.

    Key project
    Site strategy Irchel Campus, Zurich
    Usage Clusters | Phasing | Renovation & Reuse Strategy

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  • Competitions Open or Close

    Which type of competition is the right one for your project to ensure the highest quality and best possible outcome? We can advise you on all the pros and cons! We evaluate architecture and full-service competitions and arrange study contracts as well as planning competitions. Sound preparation and meticulous test planning enable a successful competition procedure and guarantee optimal results.

    Key project
    Architectural Competition Train Station Liestal, BL
    User Requirements | Profitability | Process Optimization

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  • Site Development Services Open or Close

    Even once a project concept is born, a substantial amount of work still needs to be done before construction can commence. We support you in the necessary planning formalities such as district or urbanistic plans, further arrangements with public authorities, proposing context sensitive zoning regulations and drafting contracts – until every last requirement is fulfilled.

    Key project

    Site Development Rösslimatt, Lucerne
    Existing Conditions | Regulatory Instruments | Coordination of Interests & stakeholders

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