Project Management

An objective-oriented management of projects.

Demanding projects require professional project management. Starting with clearly defined project goals and objectives, we accompany you throughout the construction  project. We bring our proven experience to the table not just when acting as client representatives but also when managing general planning teams.

In this fast-paced and dynamic environment we offer added value through our effective controlling tools and the implementation of end-to-end processes. We are committed and motivated to identifying the critical path and implementing the ideal solution for your project.

  • Client Representation Open or Close

    Is the construction project outside your core field of expertise, or are you lacking the necessary capacities? We can represent you expertly, whether you are a public or a private entity. To do so, we slip into your position as project owner, acquaint ourselves with your corporate culture and mindset, and represent your interests internally (executive board, stakeholders, operations) as well as externally (public authorities, neighborhood, planners, other businesses). At the same time we maintain an outside perspective, allowing us to identify opportunities and risks, reveal potentials for optimization and initiate the necessary corrective measures.

    Key project
    Seetalplatz, Lucerne
    Complexity | Project Quality Management | Coordination

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  • Overall Project Coordination Open or Close

    With our broad spectrum of expertise in planning, controlling and implementation, including our leadership experiences we fulfill all the essential criteria for managing interdisciplinary and international project teams. As overall project coordinators we are the hub for communication at all levels in your general planning team. Through rigorous and solution-oriented management of architects, engineers, consultants and specialists we ensure a coordinated and integrated planning and construction process. We provide you with a single, competent and efficient point of contact.

    Key project
    Service Facility Herdern, Zurich
    Rail operation | Precision | Interdisciplinarity

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  • Controlling Open or Close

    Action instead of Re-Action: The key to success lies in promptly identifying deviations in project goals and initiating timely corrective measures. Our foresighted cost, time and quality management guarantees successful project completion. This analytical, holistic approach generates cost-effective, on-time and qualitatively superior solutions with long-term benefits.

    Key project
    Renovation Bundesplatz 1, Bern
    Quality Control | Full Renovation | Security

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Heini M. Bossert
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