First steps towards the new mixed use development

Client SBB Real Estate, Development Central Region
Project Managers Angela Mizrahi, Gaspar Fernandez
Time frame since 2014
Site area 2.1 ha
Floor area 51,000 m2

Coordination of the urban development contract negotiations

Analysis of location, market and potential usage

Management of the land-use planning process

Scheduling and cost planning/ Controlling

Coordination of the 2000 watt certification process

Revision of the applicable zoning regulations (BZO)

Public relations, including organization of workshops

The first step in implementing the winning project from the urban development competition was to draft the land-use plan, the legislative planning instrument allowing the filing of future building permits and eventually the  start of construction.

We managed the process with all project stakeholders – the client, the city, the neighbors and the local population. At the same time we coordinated the negotiations of the urban development contract between the SBB and the City of Lucerne and applied for the 2000 Watt certification for “Site in Development”. We conducted a location and market analysis to define the usage strategy and target market for the site.

Furthermore, we defined the parameters for the amendment of the Lucerne building and zoning regulations to enable a high quality urban mixed-use neighborhood and economically flourishing district.


Documentation construction area A perron (german)

Village Luzern