420 m for the maintenance and repair of trains

Client SBB Real Estate, Development Region East
Project managers Heini M. Bossert, Suzanne E. Rapetti-Hunsicker
Time frame
2010 – 2016
Floor area
15,000 m2
Project cost
CHF 80 million (Subproject building)
  • Head of the general planning team through procurement of the total contractor
  • Calculation of the building costs
  • Controlling and quality assurance of the total contractor
  • Contract and change-order negotiations

The Herdern service facility in Zurich-Altstetten is used for maintenance and repairs of long-distance trains. The new 420 m long and 37 m wide hall comprises two long and one short bay and lies adjacent to an existing facility. The five new train stands have a total length of over one kilometer.

Using the modern service facility, downtimes can be reduce considerably returning trains into operation much quicker than before.

The building is fully integrated into the existing track system requiring high geometrical precision. The design and construction had to meet high standards in functionality, technical train equipment, and sustainability. Special attention was given to the design of the prominent south facade visible from many viewpoints in the city. The facility was put into operation simultaneously with the opening of the new Cross City Link in June 2014.